The txʷəlšucid language, our teaching and culture come from the land. These are some of the names, phrases and domains for plants in the txʷəlšucid language.

Plant List

This section provides some names for some plants that are important to our culture. This list was compiled by Zalmai ʔəswəli Zahir from first language speakers as well as other printed sources. This is not an exhaustive list. This list focuses on Southern Lushootseed vocabulary. Be advised that there may be variations to these names. They may differ between Northern and Southern dialects, between different tribes and even between individual first-language speakers. The –ac or -əc suffix refers to the entire plant, tree, bush or vine and removing that element usually refers to some product of the plant such as a berry, wood or leaf. We do not claim that these words are the only correct way to pronounce or write them. In fact, if you heard your Elders using different words or pronunciations, we would love to hear from you.

Plants & Berries

gʷədbixʷ Blackberry:
Native Blackberry
(Not Himalayan Blackberry)
gʷədbixʷac Native Blackberry Vine
wədax̌ Blueberry
c’abid Camas
p’əp’ayəqədac Currant Bush:
Red Flowering Currant Bush
c’ikʷikʷ Elderberry: Blue Elderberry
wədax̌ Huckleberry:
Blue Huckleberry
Black Huckleberry
Mountain Huckleberry
q’ʷq’ʷəl Huckleberry:
Evergreen Huckleberry
st’ixʷib Huckleberry:
Red Huckleberry
sc’ədᶻx̌ Nettle
sc’ədᶻx̌ac (NL/SL) Nettle Plant
sx̌ʷiac Oregon Grape: Small Oregon Grape Plant
qʷəbqʷəbčac Oregon Grape: Tall Oregon Grape Plant
t’aqa Salal
t’aqaʔac Salal Plant
stəgʷəd Salmonberry
qəlitxʷaʔ Salmonberry: Red Form of Salmonberry
stəgʷədac Salmonberry Bush
q’ʷəlastəb Serviceberry/Saskatoon
sisk’ʷid Snowberry Bush
t’iləqʷ Strawberry
ɫəɫaq Thimbleberry
spiqʷulc Wapato Potato/Potato


yusáwiʔac Alder Tree: Red Alder Tree
č’uɫac Big Leaf Maple Tree
x̌əpayac Cedar Tree: Western Red Cedar
q’ʷədiq’ʷac Cottonwood Tree
sčəbidac Douglas Fir Tree
č’uč’uɫac Vine Maple Tree
kʷaləkʷəc Western Hemlock Tree (Variation 1)
skʷupəc Western Hemlock Tree (Variation 2)
sqʷxʷbixʷac Western Hemlock Tree (Variation 3)
t’uʔxʷəc Western Hemlock Tree (Variation 4)

Plant Videos

This section is a collection of short videos about plants, flowers and fruit. The videos that correspond to the seasons and what sort of things you might encounter in the Puget Sound region. The names for the plants were compiled by Zalmai ʔəswəli Zahir. The plant names used in the videos are generally from the Southern Dialect of Lushootseed. The scripts for each of the videos is in the video description. Please keep in mind that there may be variations to some or all of these names and that they way they are spoken and written in the videos is not intended to exclude all others. We strive to document and respect all variations of our language and, to that end, we ask that if you heard your Elders say something different please share with us!

*Disclaimer: The intent of these videos is to highlight the Twulshootseed language. These are not intended as a guide for gathering, harvesting, or processing plants. If you are not 100% positive on what you are gathering or eating-- do not gather it and do not eat it.

We receive many requests for plant translations from our community to create signage. If you are interested in creating signage from any of the Twulshootseed vocabulary, we ask that you send proofs to Many mistakes can be made and we want to ensure Lushootseed Country is represented properly in our communities.